Overcoming Christian

Dealing With Life’s Challenges

Are you a Christian facing an uncertain future today?  If you are questioning what is happening in the world around you and wondering if God is still in control, this is a place that has been created just for you.

Do you want to understand what the Word of God says about the upheavals on our culture and the state of world affairs?  If so, we may have the information you are looking for.

Or perhaps you are a Christian who is finding it difficult to stand firm in your daily Christian walk. Are the pressures of life pulling you down? If so, you are not alone.

Overcoming Christian has been created to reach out to Christians like you to see if we can together find different ways to face life's challenges and win life's battles. Our courses include groups and forums to help us learn from one another.

The Bible says that we are to comfort others with that which we have been comforted.
We pray that we can be a support to one another.



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